Please write to the County Council

27th Nov 2022

This update on Stratfield Brake is open to all fans of the club, not just OxVox members as it’s important we reach as many of you as possible. Thank you to our members for understanding why we sometimes need to do this.

Today we are issuing a call to action to all fans to write to the County Council to ask them to progress the land lease for Stratfield Brake without further delay. For details of how to do this, read on.

Here’s the situation. Last week we met with club officials to discuss the proposed new stadium at Stratfield Brake and we are confident the club is making progress.

I’m sure from the outside, it may seem little is happening, but a great deal of work is being done and the Club continues to keep OxVox fully involved in the process.

Nevertheless, there are various obstacles still standing between us and the building of a new stadium. Crucially, the Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet has not yet agreed in writing to lease the land at Stratfield Brake to the Club.

The Club is working hard on this, but as fans, we can play an important part: we can also remind the Council how important it is to make their decision quickly. The Council is aware of the vocal minority who oppose the stadium project but we want to remind them of the strong support for the stadium throughout the county. I have written a letter to the Council cabinet leader, expressing my concern with the delay in providing a lease agreement, and pushing them to make a decision, so that the Club can submit a planning application for the stadium.

This is where you can help. We need you, and as many fans as possible, to remind the Council how much support there is for the new stadium and to call for progress. Please help by emailing both the County Council Cabinet members AND your local County Councillor – especially if you live in Kidlington. This will send a really strong message to the decision-makers.

Our guide on who to contact and suggestions for the points to cover is on this site at

Please keep your emails short and polite, but they can also be firm and questioning. The guide lists the County Council cabinet members and their email addresses, and gives details of how to contact other local and County councillors.

As always, we will update fans with any new developments but in the meantime, if you have any questions or opinions for us, about the new stadium, or anything else, we encourage you to email us at .

Positive steps are being made behind the scenes and if the team can continue that on the pitch, then the club we love will be in a very strong position.

Once again thank you for your support of OxVox and as always…COYY!

Paul Peros