Please write to Cherwell District Council

22nd Mar 2024

After taking breath from a very busy period, it is time to turn our focus back to the stadium. Being a supporter when things are as tense as they are on the pitch can be a massively frustrating place to be and we are often left feeling like there is little that we can do to effect change. The new stadium however is a history defining moment for the club that all supporters can have a huge influence on. 

All the way through this long process I have spoken to councillors, planners, and stakeholders who have commented on the positive nature of support coming from our fans and how that has moved our case forward. We are able to quote a membership that is now moving towards 2,000, and many times that number of supporters follow the stadium process and support and engage with it. 

The time has come once again to make our numbers count. As planning is now in, it is time for us to let the council know what a community stadium and a new home for our club would mean to us.

Below is a link to the council planning site that will allow residents of Oxfordshire to comment on the application. This is our first chance to comment on the full application and to add our voice. Make no mistake WE are key stakeholders in this project and our voice matters. 

Below also are details of how you can contact the council and some simple points that may help you frame your response if you are unsure of the process.

This is the link to the planning register entry for the stadium planning application:

To write your comments, go to the above URL and click ‘Comment on this application’. There is a limit of 32,000 characters in the box for comments. Alternatively, you can upload a PDF file containing your comments. PLEASE NOTE that the deadline for comments is 22 April 2024.

We have made a few notes on our website HERE to lend a hand to anyone looking for a little help.


• Anyone connected to the club should absolutely take this chance to comment here. Numbers matter and it would be a travesty if we are drowned out by a small but active minority.

• Kidlington locals are massively important in this process, so if you live in the Kidlington/North Oxford or surrounding areas then know that your response will be even more important.

• Sending in your comments is great, but following that up by talking to others and getting them to comment too, particularly Kidlington locals who support a community hub, will take our responses to another level.

• Make your response individual, personal and concise. We hope to have thousands flooding in so try to keep them focused but speak from the heart.

This is a once in a lifetime chance for us as supporters to influence the future of our club in such a positive and meaningful way.

Don’t put it off until tomorrow.

  • Click the link
  • Fill out the consultation
  • Get others to do the same

We have an amazing group of supporters and the numbers attending and watching the fans forum show how active, engaged and passionate you are.

Time to put that to work.

Thank you as always and as always….. COYY!

Paul Peros