Introducing the VOX newsletter

12th Nov 2020


VOX is a new online newsletter summarising OxVox’s recent activities.

Issue 1 is now available at  

A lot of work has gone into setting it up and we hope over the next year to develop it further and add a wider range of content. A big thank you needs to go to Simon Hathaway for all his hard work in setting up and running this project.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading VOX and if you haven’t yet joined OxVox we hope you’ll consider doing so via our signup page on this site.

We believe that football trusts are more important now than ever. In this difficult and ever changing pandemic landscape supporters must have a voice. You may not agree with everything we put out but we will always try to make ourselves available and we have tried to answer every comment we have received. We welcome all input and are always guided by what our members communicate to us.

So if you like the idea of supporters having a voice; if you see the need for people who care as much as you do about this club, monitoring its finances, ownership and sustainability; if you want to help improve the atmosphere at games but also help bring fans together when we are not able to, then please join us.