United On Track

14th May 2024

With excitement mounting for Saturday’s trip to Wembley the news of the lease signing came as another shot in the arm for this amazing season. With Parkway train station being the hub of both our trip to Wembley and our planned new stadium, we wanted to take advantage and show those making the decisions that our fanbase is not only happy to use the train, it’s absolutely the preferred option.

How to help

With that in mind we are launching United On Track.

If you are taking the train to Wembley then simply visit


and answer four simple questions.

It will take thirty seconds but will mean a massive boost to our continuing efforts to dispel the misconceptions of some when it comes to our supporters.

We have been working with Chiltern Railways who are putting on extra capacity for the day and we hope to have figures from them to add to those we obtain but please take a minute to fill this out and add your weight to the simple fact that Parkway, and the measures being put in place, will make the new stadium one of the least reliant on cars in the country.

This is a real chance for fans to show yet again we can back up our claims and make our voice heard.

A few clicks is all it takes. That survey link again is



We would also love for people to take pictures at the station and en route and send them to us, and we will put together a montage.

Please email your picture over to us on the day, if you are happy for us to publish them, to enquiries@oxvox.org.uk

United On Track? You better believe we are!