Tomorrow and Joey

23rd Mar 2022

Tomorrow is another hugely sad day for the club and supporters as we bury one of our greatest players. Joey left behind a family and two gorgeous girls whose courage many of us witnessed at the Cambridge game.

Tomorrow we can pay our respects in so many ways but if we can line the route and show our love then hopefully we can show his family what he meant to all of us.

Let’s make Kidlington a sea of yellow and blue and show them what we already know about the compassion of our amazing supporters. The route and times are listed here: 

The other way we can help is via the go fund me page

Within days we raised over £6,000 for the Joey surfer and it was an amazing effort by the Fanatics and a fabulous display for the day, but now we need to help his family rebuild and move forward. The page currently stands at a little over £2,000 and we know we can make that just a starting point. Times are difficult for so many right now but this amazing fanbase always come through and Joey gave us so much joy.

OxVox will be making a donation on behalf of all of us but every penny will help. Please join us to wave Joey on and please give what you can.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you so much all of those who have donated.