Ticketing ballot – Your feedback please

11th Dec 2020

What a pleasure it is to be able to discuss the possibility of watching the team live once again and to enjoy the (distant) company of other fans! This year has been such a hard one in so many ways but the return of some fans feels like the light at the end of a tunnel that I suspect we all needed about now.

Speaking personally, I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the Hull game, but like many I found the process difficult and could not book the people in my bubble next to me. Also, like many, we were dotted around the ground.  We are well aware of the complexity of organising the return of supporters to the stadium and have been in contact with the club to offer our suggestions. We think there are possible shortcomings with the latest three game system and we would have appreciated more consultation with fans about the process.

The club have contacted us for feedback and we in turn would like to hear from members and all fans about your experience booking and attending games and any constructive criticism (or praise of course) about the current three game system. Please write a few lines on your views, good or bad, and offer any suggestions for improvement. Do you approve of the linked 3-match ballot, or would you have preferred an alternative approach? What do you feel the club should offer to regular fans who are not season ticket holders? We appreciate this is a complex issue but also made it clear to the club how much season ticket holders have forgone this season to support the club.

The best way to get your views across to the club on this issue is to email us at enquiries@oxvox.org.uk and in as few lines as possible, sum up your opinion. The temptation may be to write a long and detailed account, but given there may be a number of responses to deal with a few lines will have a much more impact. We will do our best to collate them all and offer the club an overview but we will also send them on directly (anonymised, of course).

OxVox is here to represent its members and the fans of Oxford United and the club are open to hear those views. In speaking to Niall McWiliams yesterday we again discussed options for fan representation within the club. It is something Niall and OxVox are keen to move forward to help facilitate in areas like this. *

Once again I hope everyone is well and we look forward to your feedback on this or any other issues that you wish us to raise over the coming days.

Thank you and as always



Chair, OxVox

* This update was due to be released yesterday but having seen further information on ticket allocation we have spoken to the club again regarding guaranteed tickets for certain ticket holders. While we understand the numbers involved are very small and that the club is in a difficult position at a financially perilous time, we feel the lack of communication and consultation on this issue has brought about understandable frustration from many supporters. Having spoken to the club we urged them to outline their explanation directly to fans and to allow a dialogue on how to move forward.

Again we would like to stress that it is almost impossible for OxVox to monitor all social media so if you want to comment further then please email us directly.