Make the Three Point Pledge!

22nd Sep 2023

As part of our work on the new stadium we constantly come up against opposition groups who maintain that despite the amazing public transport links there will be at the Triangle, football fans won’t bother to use them and will stay in their cars. As I mentioned to the council cabinet, figures from grounds such as Brighton’s suggest otherwise. More importantly, conversations we have had with hundreds of supporters show us they are already making plans for how they will get to the new stadium by public transport.

OxVox are asking members and fans to sign up to a new Three Point Pledge at the Triangle.

To sign up click here –

By adding your name and email address you are sending a clear message to the council and the planners that we intend to make use of the amazing public transport facilities and to be good neighbours in our new community.

There is a section where you can enter your intended route and means of transport and any suggested pub or food stops to help other supporters decide. We will capture your comments and build an information base which will be useful to all fans.

All respondents not already members will be added if they wish to the (free) OxVox Associate Member list and will then receive all updates connected to the stadium project. By swelling our numbers you will continue to give us an even greater voice.

Let’s show them all the real face of this amazing fanbase and sign up in numbers!