Stratfield Brake survey closing shortly – please help

20th Feb 2022

Yesterday we heard the incredibly sad news of the death of Joey Beauchamp, unquestionably one of the club’s greatest ever players. We will post separately about Joey and playing our part to ensure that fitting recognition of his achievements is made.

Despite this trauma, the County Council survey on Stratfield Brake concludes in the next couple of days and we want to draw your attention to a final reminder we have written, aimed at Kidlington locals who may be undecided but may have been hearing some of the more extravagant scare stories that have been put up in opposition.

We have written the final reminder in the form of a digital flyer. The flyer can be viewed and downloaded at this link:
If you have any access to Kidlington groups or sites where it might be posted, please do so today or tomorrow.

Anything that can go out early on Monday will help massively with the County Council survey, but also in the weeks after as councillors will continue to listen to feedback before the decision is made. It has already gone out to Kidlington sports clubs (whose members number in the thousands) to distribute, but everything you can do will help and is massively appreciated. This will be a long hard fight and we will keep asking for your help but we make no apologies for leaving no stone unturned.

Thank you all.

Rest in peace Joey.

Paul Peros