Stadium negotiations update

5th Dec 2022

Yesterday afternoon OxVox, as stakeholders in the stadium negotiations, received an email from the County Council.

We have attached the file here for supporters to see.

Throughout this process we have worked closely with the club and the council and while we have tried to keep members and supporters fully informed we have of course had to keep certain details confidential. This is never done lightly but it’s always a relief when these details can be released. As you can see from this update discussions have been ongoing with the club regarding another section of land in the Stratfield Brake area that is not subject to a lease with the Parish Council. This offers an important alternative for the club, with a site large enough to fit the full stadium on, away from some of the issues connected to the first site.

We will update in more detail in the coming days, but it is important to stress the huge impact your emails and communications with the County Council have had. The positive and informed nature of emails sent is making a massive difference, and with a meeting penciled in for late January it is important to keep that positive involvement up.

Rising above some very personal provocation and keeping the message positive has moved us forward and is making the difference. You are making the difference. Time to keep pushing until January 24th when the next step of this process is voted on.

Thank you all. Your efforts have been amazing. Time to push again.

With real sense of excitement, and as always….COYY !