Complete the County Council Survey on Stratfield Brake!

11th Feb 2022


What can we as supporters do right now? 

Your letters to councillors are fabulous, so please keep sending them. We are already getting some great feedback from them. But as the campaign develops the emphasis begins to change. Our attention now turns to adding our views to the County Council online public consultation survey.

This survey is now available online, until 21 February at:

This survey is hugely important. Our views on the stadium will be collected there and considered by the Council alongside the views of people opposing the development. Every signature and letter sent so far has been important but whatever you have already done, we urge you to get involved with this. It is vital we make sure our voices are heard and opinions logged.

You will need to register to take the survey. On the consultation page, scroll down and click on TAKE SURVEY. You will be invited to sign in (if you have previously used the Let’s Talk Oxfordshire site), or register if not. It only takes a minute to register. You will then be asked a number of questions:

Q1) This question offers you the chance to support the council leasing us the land at Stratfield Brake by voting YES.

Q2) Offers you the chance to explain more about why you think this should be supported. Our guide at will give you ideas if needed – but do use your own words, as they’ll have more impact than everyone writing exactly the same thing.

Q3) Asks if any objectives should be added. We think YES. We suggest that protecting a 130 year old professional Oxfordshire sports team, which forms part of the rich identity of the county, should be taken in to consideration but if you have other ideas as well, put them here – and remember, your own words are best!

Q4) We would say NO to this question.

Q5, Q6) Directly relate to your answer for Q4.

Q7) Gives you the chance to comment further on the Council’s objectives should they agree to lease OUFC the land. We suggest focusing on the positive benefits to the local community, such as improved public transport, jobs and leisure facilities, as well as what the football club itself can offer.

The next questions are self explanatory and should take you to the end of the survey. Don’t forget to include your postcode, minus the last two letters.

We have filled in the survey as we write these notes and while it takes a few minutes, it is simple and easy to do. We ask you all to complete the survey and encourage everyone you know who supports the plans to do the same.