Be seen and heard at the playoffs!

19th Jun 2020

A message from Paul and the OxVox committee as we approach the playoffs:

Hello everyone

I hope you are all well and coping with life as we inch ourselves out of lockdown. On the football front we have had the welcome news that we will get the chance to finish our season on the pitch and push on to a place in the Championship next season. In all that has happened over the last few months football has rightly taken a back seat but now, for us, we stand in a position we have not been in for decades and we can allow ourselves to dream again.


We have been working with the club to add some noise and encouragement for the players and we are putting together a short video to remind them we are right there with them and supporting them all the way. The video will be added to the online programme and will be played for the players prior to the match. This is where you come in. We want supporters to record short (around five second) clips that we can put together to create a two minute video. We want families, kids and supporters young and old to record a line of encouragement for the team. Something quick and upbeat. Say it, shout it, sing it, it’s totally up to you. Along with that please record a loud and proud ‘COME ON OXFORD’ and we will try to get those together into one loud cheer at the end. You must record it in PORTRAIT and please make sure they are two separate clips with gaps before and after to help us edit them. We can’t promise to fit everyone on but we will squeeze in as many as we can and when it is finished, Karl will be showing it to the players pre-match for motivation. We can’t be there to cheer them on, so help us show them we are right there with them.

Record your clips and email them to us at with a copy to by Tuesday the 23rd at the latest and we will do the rest.


At OxVox we have been in frequent contact with the club and have discussed at length initiatives to help both the team and the supporters, including the fans’ faces cut-outs for the home match against Pompey. We were proud as a fans’ trust to be able to secure the first ‘cut out’ to be purchased for the play off home leg. It will be of Womble and we could think of no more fitting supporter to have at the game.

While nothing will replace being at the game, we love the idea of filling the stadium with familiar faces and we feel it will help create an atmosphere for the players to feed off. To be part of the club’s ‘Fans at the Game’ initiative visit

Thank you all and we look forward to hearing you all in good voice.

Come on Oxford !