OxVox committee nominations – How to apply

20th Jun 2024

Nominations are now open for the OxVox committee for the 2024-25 season. All Full members (but not Associate members) can stand for the committee.

You will need a proposer and seconder who are OxVox members; if necessary we can arrange for members of the current trust committee to be approached to act in that capacity. However, it will remain your responsibility to ensure the completed form reaches the Trust by the closing date.

Our committee has a maximum membership of ten and is currently running with nine members. We expect to have five vacancies this year: four existing members (Simon Hathaway, Ben Heath, Jemma Hayward, and Ian Coleman) will be standing down and three of them (Ben, Jemma, and Ian) intend to stand again. Therefore, if there are six or more members standing, we will hold a vote of full members and the five with most votes will be elected.

As usual, those elected will serve three years before requiring re-election. In the interests of a fair election and to ensure no candidate is disadvantaged, the closing date for nominations given above is fixed and will not be altered. Each candidate will be promptly informed if an election is required.

If an election is required, we will trigger the voting process shortly after the closing date and will run it to a closing date to be announced. The election sub-committee will count the votes and declare the result at the trust AGM, which we will hold at one of the first Championship home matches. To allow all members to participate, the committee election vote will be conducted by email and post before the meeting, and the result will be declared at the meeting, as in previous years. This information will be mailed to any members for whom we do not have a working email address.