Complete the County Council survey on the Triangle

12th Jun 2023

Securing a home for our club, gaining financial sustainability and creating world class facilities for the county – the long road to a new stadium and achieving these aims continues. We supporters have already had a chance to get involved and use our voices to shape our future.  We now have another.

The next Oxfordshire County Council online survey is now open.

To go to the survey visit the consultation page at this address:


and the page contains a link to the survey.

Before you complete the survey please take a look at the latest documents that OUFC has provided to the council. The best place to start is this page:

There you will find a link to each document, covering the vision for the stadium and community, and details of how the club will meet each of the seven requirements listed by the council before the land can be released.

Feedback is wanted on the impressive amount of information the club has released in recent weeks on the proposals for the Triangle as the site of our new stadium. The consultation is open until midnight on 23 July 2023.

We urge every supporter to complete the survey and respond in support of the stadium.  It is a chance to back the plans in the strongest terms and send the council a clear message that the majority of the county back progress. Back facilities for locals. Back our club. Back investment in the area and back sustainable growth, jobs and infrastructure.

The council is asking for respondents’ postcodes, so they can analyse the views of people based on where they live.  But please note that the council FAQs state that people living outside Oxfordshire can respond to the survey and no weighting will be applied to the results.  So, regardless of where you are based, please complete the survey.

Exhibitions and information sessions

This coming Wednesday, 14 June, from 6 pm at the Training Ground (at Horspath Road OX4 2RY) the club is hosting an exhibition of the plans for the Triangle. It is free to attend and club staff will be on hand to answer questions. You may wish to drop in before you complete the survey.

Alternatively, if you are locally based, before completing the survey you may wish to attend one of the council’s own information sessions, which they describe as follows:

View the information from OUFC, ask questions and get practical support to have your say. 

  • Saturday 24 June, 10am – 4pm: Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington
  • Wednesday 28 June, 1.30pm – 7.30pm: Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington
  • Friday 7 July, 3.30pm – 7pm: Cutteslowe Community Centre, Wren Road, Oxford
  • Saturday 8 July, 10am – 4pm: County Library, Westgate, Oxford

No need to book – just drop in.

Please follow the link above and submit your reply. This is your chance to tell the council that you feel the club has ‘fully addressed the priority’ in each category and to send a clear message of support to the council.

Read all the information available and of course complete the form as you see fit but we urge you to do it and to help us take the next step towards a bright future for our county and our club.

Every survey entry counts. Don’t leave it to others. Make sure your family and friends are all helping too. We can make a difference!

  • Check the links above
  • Fill in the survey
  • Make a difference

Thank you as always, your support is making a difference, especially now.

Paul Peros