Reminder – Please complete the County Council Survey on the Triangle

30th Jun 2023

The survey has now been running for a while and attention has naturally drifted away from it.

This is another VITAL step in the process of securing the new stadium and the future of our club and I would urge anyone who hasn’t filled it out to do so at once. The feedback we are getting is that the margin has narrowed and we need to push ahead again. We as supporters have a unique opportunity to make a massive impact on the future of the club we love. Don’t let this chance drift away. Five minutes of your time is all we ask.

If you have already filled it out then please email family and friends and urge them to do the same. Group message friends on social media and add these links. Make it easy for them to help. If they agree that the club has done a fantastic job of answering the council’s criteria and you can persuade at least three of them to fill it out, then we will really send a strong message to the Council and also the planning department later on.

Remember you don’t have to live in Oxfordshire any more to fill this out. Expats and people connected to the county/club can also get involved.

Now is the time to act.

Full details and background information, with a link to the survey page, are on this website at

Alternatively, to go straight to the OCC page visit

Numbers matter, so don’t leave this to others to others to do.

• Click the link
• Fill out the survey
• Encourage others to do the same

Our supporters have been amazing at every step and it’s time to go again. Time to let the County Council hear our voice and to make a difference.

Thank you all you fabulous people !

Paul Peros