East Stand Mural – Further Update

24th Oct 2019

To update members, and all supporters, the final vote on the East Stand Mural has now finished and after just over a thousand voted we have a clear winner. Option one, the updated photos version, won nearly 64% of the vote and will be the style that we order.

We are now just waiting for some paperwork to be sent to us so that the order can be placed. We hope to have that early next week and the Mural should be ready within two weeks of order. The fitting will be done by Paul and his fabulous team at Acute Homes. Paul is an Oxford fan and donated his services for free. We can’t thank Acute Homes and Polythene UK enough for their support with this project. They have stepped up to give us a helping hand after the amazing generosity of everyone that donated got us so close to the line. Thank you all so much, not only for the donations but for your input, patience and support with this project. We knew from the offset that we could not please everyone with the design, but felt it was worth pressing forward and getting as much feedback as possible from supporters while working within the framework we felt we could achieve. We have tried to bring some of our history and identity to the ground and make it feel more like home.

We will update again when we have an estimated completion date from the printers and have an installation penciled in.

Thank you again and as always


Paul Peros