East Stand Mural – Final Vote – Please participate!

15th Oct 2019

Thank you all for your patience as we have tested and adjusted the options you voted for to provide a final vote before ordering and putting in place the mural. We have listened to all the feedback and tested various options at the stadium and have been back a number of times to try and find the right balance.

In doing so we found some of the black and white pictures lack definition when blown up and viewed at distance and we were able to colourise them in the historically appropriate kit colours which not only offered a little more clarity but also lifted them a little we feel. This is Option 1 in the voting.

Option 2 is the yellow tone option and offers more colour overall but the images are less defined at scale.

In something so subjective it really is down to personal preference so we hand it back to you now to decide. The two options offered are shown in situ and have been ‘shaded’ to try and approximate how they will look when up. The vote will last for one week and in the unlikely event of a tie then option 1 will be used, as it was one vote ahead in the original voting.

As soon as the vote is completed the order will be placed. We expect the boards to take no longer than two weeks to produce. We will then arrange to have them fitted as soon as possible although production and access to the stadium are of course somewhat out of our control.

Below is the link to the page where you can view both options and vote:


The vote will close on the evening of Monday 21 October.

Thank you once again for your incredible generosity and patience: the order will be placed immediately after voting closes.

Paul Peros