9 May 2018 Committee Meeting

4th Jun 2018

OxVox Committee Meeting Minutes 

Date: Wednesday 9th May 2018. Venue: The Masons Arms, Headington Quarry, Oxford.

Attendees: Colin Barson (CB), Matt Cavill (MC), Jem Faulkner (JF), Wes Harrison (WH), Simon Hathaway (SH), Jemma Hayward (JH), Trevor Lambert (TL), Paul Peros (PP), Dave Thornton (DT), Ali Wolfe (AW).

Apologies: Simon Bradbury (SB), Graham Butler (GB), Maurice Earp (ME), Michael North (MN).

Start: 7.15pm. Finish: 9.30pm.


Actions from the minutes of the last meeting.

The minutes of the last meeting (13 April 2018) were agreed with one outstanding action: TL to contact Tom Ware (member 1000) to offer him life membership, as previously agreed.

1 Introductions 

The main aim of the meeting was to facilitate the transition to the new committee and to agree key appointments and the relevant handover arrangements. To this end, all members of the ‘old’ and ‘new’ committees had been invited to this meeting.

Outgoing Chair JF led the initial discussion. The four new committee members WH, SH, PP, and DT were welcomed.     

2 General OUFC updates/discussion

There was a brief discussion regarding the Trust AGM which had been reasonably well attended despite a late change of venue. Tiger’s brief visit to the meeting before the formal business had been welcomed by those present.

Links with Tiger and fellow Thais, Firoz Kassam, Darryl Eales, Senior County and City Council politicians, local media, and other stakeholders were excellent and JF would ensure that all parties were aware of his departure and that arrangements were in place to manage the transition.

3 Committee Appointments

There were some key appointments that were required to be made formally. These were those of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, and the meeting focused on these first. Nominations for each had been invited before the meeting and further nominations were invited at the meeting before decisions were taken.

CHAIR: CB was the only nominee for the post of Chair (vacated by JF’s departure) and his appointment was agreed unanimously by those present and CB assumed the chair for the rest of the meeting.

VICE CHAIR: PP was the only nominee for the post of Vice Chair (vacated by SB’s departure): AW expressed the view that it was good to have one of the new members in the post, a view that was endorsed unanimously by those present, and PP was duly appointed.

SECRETARY: TL was the only nominee for the post of Secretary (previously covered by JF) and his appointment was agreed unanimously by those present.

TREASURER: Terry Winter had been undertaking this role from outside the committee for the last year but was unable to continue due to pressure of work. TL agreed to take on the role and his appointment was agreed unanimously by those present.

Other roles:

ME would continue as Membership Secretary with TL providing database support and handling email communication with members and website management.

There were a number of other roles which departing committee members had been undertaking, including social media support (SB) and police liaison (GB). Not all would be agreed at this meeting. It was agreed that AW would take the lead on social media support. SH and AW would continue communication links with the Yellow Army and Ultras.

4 Arrangements for co-opted members

The committee had 10 elected members and the constitution allowed for up to four co-opted members appointed by the committee on the basis of skills, knowledge, and experience which they can offer to support the work of the Trust.

Stewart Donald had indicated his interest and willingness to continue to be involved as a co-opted member to assist with stadium matters. The committee regarded Stewart’s previous involvement to be of great value to the Trust but recognised a potential conflict of interest may arise in the future, due to his proposed purchase of Sunderland AFC. The vote on appointing SD as a co opted member was therefore deferred pending his takeover of another L1 club.

Jemma Hayward (JH) was voted unanimously as a co-optee to continue to assist as a communication link between fans and the trust.

Note: Co-optees do not receive all committee communications and are invited to meetings as and when relevant and have no voting rights. Further co-optees may be discussed at future meetings.

5 Handover plans and timings 

CB stressed the importance of maintaining contacts with key stakeholders and transitioning contacts from JF to himself and to other committee members as appropriate. In some areas a subcommittee approach may be optimal.

6 Any other business

Thanks: The committee wished to record their thanks and appreciation for the work of the outgoing members: to JF for his inspirational leadership of the Trust for the last three years, to SB for his many initiatives over the years for the Trust in commercial and community matters, and to GB  for his work on police liaison.

Membership: TL reported that the total number of members was now 1006. GDPR requirements were being considered and any necessary changes to information handling would be implemented.

Community Right to Bid (CRTB): Oxford City Council (OCC) has confirmed receipt of our renewal application, and the Chair of the Planning Committee of Littlemore Parish Council has written to OCC saying that “The Parish Council supports this application in the strongest possible terms”.

Crowd safety initiative: It is understood that this will be announced shortly.

There was no time to discuss further business and the meeting ended at 9.30pm. CB will circulate the committee with potential dates so that a full meeting of the new committee can be held shortly.

All those present thanked the Masons Arms for their hospitality.