7 October 2020 Committee meeting

5th Nov 2020

(These minutes are also at http://oxvox.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/COMM20201007.pdf )

OxVox Committee Meeting Minutes

7 October 2020 (held online)

Present: Ali Wolfe (AW), Trevor Lambert (TL), Paul Peros (PP), Simon Hathaway (SH), Ben Heath (BH), Robert Weavers (RW), Jemma Hayward (JH), Ian Coleman(IC).
Apologies: Maurice Earp (ME).

Club update

Zaki Nuseibeh had announced his resignation as a director of OUFC earlier in the day, and PP updated the committee on his contact with Zaki following the announcement. We place on record our huge appreciation of Zaki’s work and support to OxVox and fans as a director, and are pleased that he is keeping his involvement with the club’s community trust. Zaki has greatly improved the communication between club and fans and we will be looking to the club board to open new channels of communication to inform fans of their plans, with particular emphasis on the stadium question.

We discussed the recent government decision to abandon piloting of the return of fans to matches in small numbers, the latest development in the financial crisis affecting football as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Following the
announcement, we wrote to local MPs Anneliese Dodds, John Howell, and Layla Moran asking that they lobby government to take measures to support clubs, both to address the immediate financial crisis and to plan for a reinstatement of piloting. Responses were awaited.

Meanwhile, PP is still seeking a financial update meeting with Tim Davies, as discussed in our previous meeting of 5 August.


SH had completed issue 1 of the new newsletter. Details were discussed and SH was congratulated on a fine document. It would be distributed first to members then generally in the coming days.


The Financial Conduct Authority had approved 3 years of OxVox accounts, including those for 2018-19 which would shortly be circulated to members, reported TL. Work was now underway on the accounts for 2019-20 given the financial year had just ended.

Membership and renewals

ME and TL were still following up renewals, which fell due on 1 October. For members who had not responded to emails, it was decided to arrange a mailshot with SH to help with design. Currently only 8 members had decided not to renew. At the trust’s year end on 30 September the number of members stood at 982. The number of life members continued to grow and the working of the reward scheme would be assessed.

Big Brothers Big Sisters (https://bbbsuk.org/) and Women’s team matches

RW updated the committee on OxVox involvement in this project. The club would be approached for their help. Although the current crowd restrictions on first team men’s matches would prevent the project taking off in that context, RW suggested that the women’s team matches, at which fans were allowed, would be a chance to get the project off the ground.

The women’s matches would also be an opportunity for a trust stall.

Any other business


Two possible co-optees had expressed interest and were discussed. We would speak with them further. One would like to be the representative for disabled fans.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm.