5 May 2016 Committee Meeting

5th Apr 2017

Date: Thursday 5th May 2016 (held at Oxford City and County Bowls Club)
Attendees: Michael North (MN), Terry Winter (TW), Jem Faulkner (JF), Graham Butler (GB), Kate Longworth (KL), Colin Barson (CB), Simon Bradbury (SB), Trevor Lambert (TL)
Apologies: Maurice Earp (ME), Matt Cavil (MC)
Start: 7.30pm. Finish. 10.00pm
1. Actions from the Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes from the last Committee meeting held on the 7th April 2016 were reviewed and agreed as an accurate record of the meeting.
2. Confidentiality
(a) All Committee members present signed the revised confidentiality document. This states that no information discussed at a Committee meeting should be discussed outside of the meeting with anyone until the formal minutes have been issued to members.
(b) In addition, it was agreed that any information that was deemed confidential must remain within the Committee. It was agreed by all that with many potentially sensitive projects ahead of us, that confidentiality was extremely important.
(c) JF will ensure that both MC and ME, who were not present at the meeting, sign the confidentiality form ASAP.
3. Finance and Administration
(a) TW confirmed that cash within the 3 Trust Bank Accounts stands at just over £11,000 which remains a very healthy position.
(b) TW distributed bank mandate/signatory forms to TL, GB and MN. These will be completed ASAP and the new banking arrangements put in place. Matt Derbyshire is to be removed as a cheque signatory once the new signatories are all in place. TW will action this by the next meeting.
(c) TW confirmed that he had spoken to John Gould regarding the historic requirement for 3 bank accounts. It was agreed by all that we would close the Yellow Futures Fund and transfer the monies into the main account. TW will action this by the next meeting in June.
(d) We still need to set up a meeting with The Yellow Army re historic funds. JF will speak to Joe Nicholls to agree a date. TW, MN and JF will attend.
(e) It was agreed that monies owing to Matt Derbyshire (£46 for the AGM Survey Monkey licence and postal costs) and TL (£25 for data base fees) should be paid. This will be done this week.
(F) Potential corporate sponsors for the Trust are being investigated by SB.
4. Community
(a) KL updated the meeting on a very productive meeting she held last week with Darryl Eales and Caroline Robbins. The meeting discussed ways in which the Community Trust and OxVox could work together in the future.
(b) KL noted that the Community Trust did not publicise their work particularly well and felt that more could be done to raise its profile and generate more interest and therefore funds. KL will work with the Community Trust on this matter.
(c) KL made the meeting aware of various initiatives she is working on to raise the profile of OxVox. These include a fans blog that would talk about the great things that come with being a fan of OUFC. The focus being on the ‘experience’ rather than just the actual games themselves. JF confirmed that the local media would be happy to run a regular piece. KL will update at next meeting.
(d) Committee members, as well as other members, will be invited to get more involved in communication of OxVox activities and to write blogs.
5. Trust Priorities, Projects and Targets
(a) Although delayed from the original timetable, a separate communication will be sent to members by the end of June outlining what the committee feels are the priorities for the year ahead and inviting members to feedback their views on any other areas that they wish the committee to work on. JF and TL will action this.
6. Stadium
(a) Work has continued on assessing the issue of stadium ownership and establishing a factual base from which the committee can make a detailed and considered proposal to members. The research element of the Trust’s work is now nearly complete.
(b) A meeting has been held with Feroza Kassam to discuss the current financial arrangements between The Stadium Company and OUFC. A number of interesting possibilities were discussed and will be followed up during the end of May and early June.
(c) The Trust has continued to meet with Populous, a world leading stadium design company, to try to better understand stadium costs, funding streams, and also what might be possible to significantly improve the current stadium, including options for further development.
(d) CB hosted a meeting at the stadium with representatives of Populous and this will be followed up with a meeting at the company’s offices in London, which Darryl Eales has also agreed to attend.
(e) CB and TL are working on an analysis of all football league clubs’ finances. This will include the full financial accounts of each club. Updates on progress will be provided at each committee meeting.
(f) A further meeting has been confirmed for June to meet with the Chief Planning Officer for Cherwell. This is to finally determine if there is any realistic opportunity for a potential stadium development at Water Eaton. JF/TW and SB will attend.
7. Fan Representation on the Board of OUFC
(a) Further progress has being made with regard to the opportunity to establish formal fan representation on the board of OUFC. Darryl Eales has agreed to pursue the opportunities once the season has ended.
(b) A brainstorming meeting is to be held with Darryl Eales and Supporters Direct to explore new and innovative ways in which fans and the owner can benefit from a closer working relationship. This session will take place at the end of June.
8. Membership Growth
(a) TL reported that membership continues to grow and that the Trust has now welcomed its 600th member! Charlotte Maisey joined following a twitter campaign and we have written a short piece on the OxVox Web Site which recognises her and the Trust’s record breaking achievement.
(b) The meeting discussed an action plan to ‘re-sign’ the 120+ members whose memberships will lapse at the end of this year. There are also an historic 300+ other lapsed members who we will contact in the coming months. TL and JF will work on this.
9. Ticket Pricing and the Potential for Member Benefits
(a) It is thought that the new season ticket prices will be made public by the 3rd week of May and that an increase will be implemented. OxVox will consult with the club on this.
(b) The meeting discussed the potential for all OxVox members to have a guaranteed opportunity to buy a ticket for big (potential sell out) games. This could be a significant membership benefit. JF will propose this idea to Darryl Eales and Greig Box Turnbull.
(c) It was also discussed, that potentially 20% of membership fees received from new and renewing members, could be donated to the OUFC Community Trust. This would neatly run in conjunction with the guaranteed ticket proposal and it is felt that members would be in favour of OxVox monies being used in this way, particularly if it secured a member benefit.
JF will propose this to the club and report back to the committee for final sign off and consultation with members before anything is formally agreed.
10. Other Business
(a) The meeting discussed the proposal for OUFC logos alongside OxVox’s on the concrete walls at the bottom of the North Stand. The club have asked that the idea is put on hold until pre-season.
(b) It was agreed that Trust funds would be used to sponsor 2 players next season. This is usually £300 per player. The focus would be on local (Oxon born) players and the ‘free’ hospitality tickets that come with sponsorship would be used for members through some sort of competition(s).
(c) The meeting discussed the upcoming OUFC Awards Dinner on 8th May. OxVox will be represented by JF, SB and MN. All will pay for their own tickets.
(d) It was noted that an OxVox idea – a fixture board at the stadium – has finally been put in place. It looks great! Now to get fixture boards all over the County!
(e) The next committee will be held in Mid June. Date TBC
(f) The meeting closed at 10.00pm.