5 June 2019 Committee Meeting

18th Jun 2019

OxVox Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday 5th June 2019. Venue: Oxford City & County Bowls Club.

Attendees: Maurice Earp (ME), Wes Harrison (WH), Simon Hathaway (SH), Trevor Lambert (TL), Paul Peros (PP), Ali Wolfe (AW) , Matt Cavill (MC), Jemma Hayward (JH).
Apologies: Michael North (MN).
Start: 7.00pm. Finish: 10.25pm.

1. Minutes of last meeting (17th April 2019) 

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted.

2. Matters arising from minutes 

Blue plaque: The proposal for building consent has been drawn up and submitted to the council last week.   8-10 weeks is the normal time scale, so decision should be around the end of July.  The October anniversary date is pencilled in for the unveiling at the Britannia. Our thanks to Dave Thornton who is following this up as agreed.

Life member’s season ticket prize: Won by member Paul Timms who kindly donated it to the Community Trust as he is not currently local based. AW to follow up with Chris Lowes of the Community Trust and sponsor Dan Burgess of Manor Flooring.

Sensory room: Nothing for OxVox to do on this at the moment. We are asking the club to raise awareness of the room in their matchday information.

Safety group rep: Meetings are held quarterly: AW will attend the next one.

3. Projects 

East Stand MuralPP had met Firoz Kassam and Feroza Kassam briefly to introduce himself and to seek permission for the mural. Permission was granted, on the understanding that the mural may have to be relocated elsewhere in the stadium if the space were ever required by Firoka for advertising. The project will be jointly managed by AW and SH and details will be announced as soon as possible.

Reward Scheme: This will be taken on by WH with support from MC. Further sponsors will be sought and publicised as they come on stream. TL will set up an email forwarding address for the scheme.

Marketing the trust to non-members: There was a discussion of the most effective ways of reaching to non-members. We agreed to trial an e-newsletter to communicate the trust’s activities more effectively and informally than meeting minutes. SH would design a prototype. JH proposed looking at targeted FaceBook advertising: PP had a relevant contact and would pursue.

4. Contact with Club and Firoka

As mentioned above, PP recently met Firoz and Feroza Kassam, primarily to make contact and introductions, and to obtain permission for the East Stand mural. A statement on the meeting and the mural will be issued shortly. We aim to build on the contact, and to continue contact with the Club owner, directors, and MD to understand plans and options for the stadium and other matters, before taking a view. We are also seeking to establish the outcomes from the recent meeting between Firoka and the Club.

5. Treasurer’s update  

The latest bank statements showed a total of £12,397 held, reported TL.

6. Membership update 

The Trust now had 1060 members, of whom 326 were life members. Junior members numbered 135. Approximately 30 members remained overdue: TL to ask for committee help in contacting them. We discussed creating a fee-free junior (under 16) membership along the lines of the ‘Future Trust’ model used by the Leeds United trust.

7. AOB 

Sponsorship: We have been asked by Oxford Blackbirds to sponsor their kit once more: we discussed and decided that regrettably, as we are already committed to other projects, we should not do so on this occasion.

Members’ questions:

Q: What were the outcomes from the meeting between the Club and Firoka?
A: Unclear at this point, see 4 above.

Q: Can you give more detail about stadium progress following Niall McWilliams’ statement to the Oxford Mail?
A: Ditto.

Q: Will the East Stand Mural be ready for next season?
A: We hope so.

Q: Will you campaign for James Constable’s 3 goals to be reinstated?
A: After discussion, no. We felt it would be incredibly difficult to raise this successfully with the authorities now. We also foresee the consequence, that if a campaign were to be successful, it would take the scoring record away from its current holder (Graham Atkinson).

Q: Will you press the Club for non-match day open forums with the Board?
A: We’ll ask about a fans forum early in the season. At this stage we don’t know about the plans of the board members with regard to attending early season matches (and of course the fixtures aren’t out as yet). As for holding them on non matchdays, there are pros and cons in terms of availability of folk (both fans and board members).

Q: Are any OxVox meetings planned?
A: Yes, in the early part of the autumn, no dates as yet (will depend on guests, agenda, news, needs to take members’ views etc).

Q: Can you organise a car share scheme to get to matches?
A: We do not have the bandwidth/resources to consider running such a scheme ourselves, though we appreciate that it may be valuable to some fans. While it’s obviously a good idea for fans to share cars (and indeed to use public transport) from an environmental perspective, it’s often best done informally. We suggested the member use social media e.g. Yellows Forum to publicise their need for lifts personally, and also to assess whether there’s interest from other fans to set up a private lift sharing group. We’d be happy to publicise contact details for such a group.

The meeting closed at 10.25pm.