28 January 2016 Committee Meeting

5th Apr 2017


Date: Thursday 28th January 2016 (held at Oxford and County Bowls Club, Oxford)

Attendees: Michael North (MN), Matt Cavill (MC), Terry Winter (TW), Jem Faulkner (JF), Graham Butler (GB), Maurice Earp (ME).

Trevor Lambert and Simon Bradbury – (advisors to the Trust) – also attended the meeting

Start: 7.00pm. Finish. 9.30pm


1. Actions from the Minutes of the last meeting held on Wednesday 16th December 2015

(a) The minutes of the last meeting were agreed with no outstanding items.

2. Finance Updates

(a) TW took the attendees through the current financial position of the Trust and updated progress in pulling together the annual accounts ahead of the upcoming AGM on the 12th March. TW confirmed that audited accounts will be available for the AGM and that all was on track for timely completion.

(b) It was pleasing to report that the Trust’s finances are in a healthy state and will be detailed at to members at the AGM.

(c) The growth in membership over the last year has resulted in over £1000 now sitting in the PayPal account – which has been the main method of payment for new members joining on line through the new website. This money will be drawn down by TW by the end of February. The meeting also confirmed that the PayPal access codes/passwords are all correct and working.

(d) The ‘frozen’ savings account (community fund) that was highlighted at the last meeting still needs to be dealt with, but TW reported that this was easy to rectify and would be dealt with over the coming weeks.

(e) There was a discussion regarding a comment from a Yellow Army representative that the Trust was holding some monies of theirs that related to a fund raising event some years ago. TW had investigated this and reported that he could not find any evidence to require the Trust to pay over any monies. JF will inform Yellow Army of the findings and will report back at the next meeting.

(f) The main item of expenditure in the last accounts was discussed – this being signage at the stadium (£1,600). There was some debate over the timing of this activity, but it was confirmed that the expenditure did sit within the last financial year.

(g) All outstanding payments/monies owing have been paid and are up to date. These included player sponsorships and fees to Supporters Direct. The meeting discussed the fee structure for management of the member data base and at £38 per month, it was felt that we could get better value and that we will look at different systems, such as Mail Chimp. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

3. Confidentiality

(a) The meeting reviewed and approved a new confidentiality agreement for committee members. It was agreed that this will implemented when the new committee is formed after the AGM in March.

4. Membership Communication and questions from members

(a) It was pleasing to note that communication via email, through forums and other media has continued to improve and that there is an increasing dialogue that enables the Trust to shape its activities in line with members’ comments.

(b) Car parking and traffic management (particularly after matches) continues to be an issue being reported by members. Initial discussions have taken place with the club and the Trust has also written to the Science Park management to get their views on potentially allowing parking within their areas. We will update on this at the next meeting and share all information with the club.

(c) It is anticipated that the new OxVox website will go live by early February. The site will include Trust news and updates and will be further developed over time to have an interactive element.

5. AGM Preparations

(a) The meeting discussed the preparations for the Trust’s Annual AGM on Saturday 12th March.

(b) The meeting once again expressed its thanks to Matt Derbyshire for his continued support and expertise in helping the process of pulling everything together. All paperwork relating to the AGM, including nomination forms to stand on the committee, has now been sent out to members. Further communications and reminders will be sent out via email during February.

(c) The AGM will be held prior to the Orient game. The meeting will commence at 1.30pm and finish at approx 2.30pm.

(d) The meeting will be held in the Spires Room on the first floor of the stadium, near the main restaurant area. JF has confirmed the timings and seating arrangements with the club.

(e) JF will discuss with the Club how members can gain easy access to the meeting. It is suggested that members are asked to bring their membership cards with them and this would then allow them to go upstairs from the reception area. JF will confirm this with the club ASAP.

(f) The rules of the Trust state that a third of the committee need to seek re-election each year and this is usually governed by length of service. It is confirmed that Matt C and Michael North will resign – both have the option of standing again and it is hoped that they both do!

(g) Including the 2 members who are standing down, we will have six vacancies on the Committee, so six or less nominees would be automatically elected, seven or more would mean an election. Given a significant number of early ‘expressions of interest’ it is felt that an election is possible. Deadline for receipt of nominations is the 14th of February.

(h) The meeting discussed committee members’ roles on the day of the AGM and these will be firmed up nearer the time.

(i) Given the significant growth in membership, it is hoped that there will be a very good attendance from members at the meeting.

6. Projects and Other Business

(a) The Blue Plaque at The Britannia Inn project continues!! We are waiting on the Blue Plaque Society to meet (end of Feb) so that we can get cracking!

(b) The project to commemorate the Manor Ground within the Manor Hospital is also continuing. TW confirmed that the hospital would prefer a picture in the main reception area. This will be investigated and confirmed at the next meeting.

(c) Stadium. The meeting discussed the future stadium possibilities and the role OxVox can play in evaluating opportunities at the current location and potentially elsewhere.
It was agreed that getting the key stakeholders together was the priority and it was confirmed that work had started on making this happen. Darryl Eales is fully aware and supportive of OxVox undertaking investigative work and will obviously be kept fully informed of findings and ‘views’.
It was also deemed sensible to seek advice and detailed information from the guys who considered Water Eaton prior to Darryl Eales acquiring the club. A meeting will be held with Mark Sennett and Charlie Methven on Saturday 30th January. JF and TW will attend and report back at the next meeting. All information will be shared with Darryl Eales/the Club.
Members will be kept fully informed as discussions develop and it is hoped that a considered view can be achieved by July.

(d) Increased fan representation at OUFC remains an objective of the Trust and this is being actively discussed with Darryl Eales. The meeting discussed involving Supporters Direct in the ‘thinking’ and introducing Supporters Direct to Darryl Eales. JF will speak with DE and Supporters Direct.

(e) The meeting discussed the opportunity for an open forum event for members where members can meet the committee and discuss ideas/plans/concerns etc. This is something that had been planned for 2015, but had not happened. It was resolved to action this by the end of May.

(f) It is planned that the next meeting will be week commencing 15th February and will focus on the AGM and review the nominations received for members wishing to stand for the committee. JF will issue a date/time ASAP.

(g) The meeting closed at 9.30pm and those present thanked Bob Scholes of Oxford and County Bowls club for the hospitality use of the meeting room.