23 October 2023 Committee Meeting

16th Jan 2024

Committee Meeting Minutes – Monday 23 October 2023 @ 6.30pm

Present: Paul Peros (PP), Ali Wolfe (AW), Ian Coleman (IC), Simon Hathaway (SH), Trevor Lambert (TL).
Apologies: Jemma Hayward (JH), Ben Heath (BH), Maurice Earp (ME), Michelle Young (MY), Robert Weavers (RW).

Minutes of last meeting (26 June 2023) and matters arising:
The minutes were accepted. RW had recently resigned from the committee for personal reasons. We thank Robert warmly for his contribution to the work of OxVox over the last few years and wish him well for the future.

Stadium related matters:
We discussed the stadium plans and exhibitions which had recently been held, and the online calls and forums. We felt that the information had a good level of detail and had been generally well received by those that attended the various events and communications. The developers were very receptive to feedback. It was good to see some artists’ impressions of how the stadium would look, which would address some of the concerns expressed by critics, as well as demonstrate to supporters the plans as they stand.

In the coming weeks and months we would be working to ensure that concerns about traffic management, potential road closures, space, and parking arrangements are fully addressed, as well as looking at details of the plans and passing on suggestions on many aspects of the design, and the issue of joint ownership of the stadium and football club and associated securities and protections.

In the short term we want to boost Three Point Pledge numbers and membership numbers both of Full (paying) members and Associates.

Promotional activities would be resumed once we are nearer to the planning application being submitted.

Action points: To continue the drive towards 2,000 members including Associates, and over 1,000 Pledges. Plan to get a signup team together for the next home match against Wycombe, for pledge and associate memberships. TL would email members asking them to sign pledge and to volunteer their time on a match day, SH would create a signup form for TL to print, and as many of us as can help on the day would do so.

Supporter of the Year: PP will ask the club for training ground dates for the presentation. SH suggested we have a match day presentation to the winner too.

Membership: TL reported a little flurry of new members recently, due probably to good exposure on BBC Oxford / Oxford Mail. Total was now 1448 – 1046 Full, 402 Associates.

AGM: Our year end was 30 September 2023 and we need to hold an AGM with committee elections prior to March 31 2024. Planning and announcements to be made shortly.

1. Website to be moved to a new host shortly to improve its resilience and security.
2. A number of members have commented to us on the stadium plans and we are replying individually and passing on questions and comments to the stadium team.
3. We are following up a number of membership renewals which fell due at the end of September.
4. In completing the Pledge, many fans have given details of travel plans, which we will read and summarise to provide useful input into the travel management and planning process.

End of meeting: The meeting closed at 8.45pm. Date of next meeting to be agreed.