13 November 2019 Committee Meeting

21st Nov 2019

OxVox Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday 13th November 2019. Venue: Oxford City & County Bowls Club.
Attendees: Maurice Earp (ME), Simon Hathaway (SH), Trevor Lambert (TL), Paul Peros (PP), Ali Wolfe (AW) , Jemma Hayward (JH), Ian Coleman (IC).
Apologies: Michael North (MN), Matt Cavill (MC), Wes Harrison (WH).
Start: 7.00pm. Finish: 9.15pm.

1. Welcome and apologies
IC was welcomed to his first meeting as a newly co-opted member.

2. Minutes of last meeting (28th August 2019)
The minutes of the last meeting were accepted. Matters arising were dealt with below.

3. Matters arising:
Blue plaque completion: The plaque commemorating the formation of Headington United FC on 27 October 1893 was unveiled at the Britannia Inn in Headington on 27th October 2019. Rodney Smithson,  James Constable (Beano), Joey Beauchamp, and Peter Rhoades-Brown (Rosie) were among the VIP guests, as were club vice chairman and director Zaki Nuseibeh, club MD Niall McWilliams, and club historian Martin Brodetsky. Particular thanks for seeing the project through are due to former committee member Dave Thornton and AW.
Fenton Tutty fundraising: £409.12 was raised by auction of the 2 shirts donated by Tiger, reported AW, and OxVox donated £100 in addition.
Car wash and disabled parking: TL was pursuing the issue of the loss of a number of disabled parking spaces on matchdays with OUFC, Firoka and the City Council.
Sensory room: Publicity of the room’s existence had improved but usage remained quite low. We will continue to publicise.
Safety group update: AW had not been given adequate notice to attend the 14 November meeting and no-one else from the committee present was available to attend. He would ask for more notice to be given in future.

4. Discussion of stadium/OUFC/Firoka issues
We noted in discussion that the Yellows Forum was awash with stadium rumours and that questions about the club’s stadium plans were commonplace on social and local media and amongst fans. We are aware that work continues actively behind the scenes to establish a viable and sustainable stadium plan for the future, and with the training ground situation on the verge of resolution, renewed focus and bandwidth is likely to be devoted to that end. PP and AW will seek further meetings with the club in order to understand their thinking and current plans.

The question of a temporary 4th stand had been raised again, given the upturn in results and the possibility of a number of high attendances. We noted that the 2016 planning permission expired in September and would need to be renewed. More importantly, it remained difficult to justify the necessary outlay and organisational effort in the short term, though we would encourage the club to keep the idea under consideration.

5. Projects:
East Stand Mural: The final design was now agreed and funding was in place. Documentation in the form of a licence between OxVox and Firoka and associated paperwork should be agreed within days, reported PP. The panels can then be ordered and have a lead production time of 1-2 weeks, reported SH. If all goes well, fitting should take place in time for one of the pre-Christmas matches. Progress update to be issued shortly.
Reward Scheme: The scheme now covers 8 sponsors (Caira Properties and Facilities Solutions, Manor Flooring, J Priest & Son Security and Property Solutions, Buildbase, topsport, fit2run, Kendra Kirkham Massage, Kay Gee’s Off Licence) and we have 360 life members.
Other projects: Once the Mural is complete, the committee will turn its attention in 2020 to other projects, to include an exciting opportunity to be involved in a project in Africa, and a second Food Bank collection day.

6. Trust finances:
TL reported balances of £18,918 in our accounts at 12 November 2019, before the outlay on the Mural (final cost to be confirmed, anticipated to be almost £6,000) and the Blue Plaque (£502 cheque issued, but not cleared at the time of the meeting). £300 sponsorship of Nico Jones had been agreed and cleared.

7. Trust membership:
Members: Total membership of the trust was now 1046 including 360 life members and 136 juniors, reported TL. 89 members were overdue with renewals, 57 of whom were juniors, and they were being contacted by ME mailshot.
Marketing the trust to non-members: A work in progress. We will review our outreach options.
Junior memberships: Following a suggestion made by AW, we will discuss ideas, in conjunction with the community trust, to promote junior match tickets as a way of encouraging young supporters to take an interest in the trust.
e-Newsletter: On hold, reported SH, until the Mural is completed.

8. Any other business:
There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.15 pm.