2 January 2019 Committee Meeting

6th Jan 2019

OxVox Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday 2nd January 2019. Venue: Oxford City & County Bowls Club.

Attendees: Michael North (MN), Wes Harrison (WH), Matt Cavill (MC), Simon Hathaway (SH), Trevor Lambert (TL), Paul Peros (PP), Dave Thornton (DT), Ali Wolfe (AW).
Apologies: Jemma Hayward (JH), Maurice Earp (ME).
Start: 7.00pm. Finish: 10.00pm.

1 – Minutes of last meetings (Committee, 22 October 2018; Members’ meeting, 21 November 2108)

Agreed with no amendments.

2 – Resignation of Colin Barson as Chairman, and interim arrangements

Colin’s resignation statement had been sent to members on 26 December. The committee would issue a statement in the next few days.

After discussion PP was agreed unanimously to be appointed as Interim Chair with immediate effect. In accordance with Trust rules, his appointment would be in place until the first committee meeting following the Trust’s AGM (which is due by the end of March). The new committee, including newly elected and re-elected members, would then revisit the appointment of Chair and other officers as usual.

3 – Recent meetings with the Club; preparation of Trust statement 

PP and AW had held a lengthy and productive meeting with OUFC owner Sumrith Thanakarnjanasuth (Tiger) on the day of the Southend match. A full account of the meeting was in draft. The committee was updated on the meeting. The draft would be finalised in the next few days and issued to members at the weekend.

4 – Planning for the Trust AGM and Committee Election

Arrangements for the Trust AGM were discussed. Provisionally this was set for Saturday 30 March 2019 (the day of the home match against Wycombe Wanderers) and initial planning would take place accordingly. MC noted that the Checkatrade Trophy Final was on March 31, hence if OUFC were to reach the final the Trust AGM would carry over into April. TL noted that the call for candidates for the accompanying election should according to Trust rules, go out to members 8 weeks before the meeting date i.e. by the end of January, with three vacancies.

5 – Treasurer’s update, including progress with 2017-8 accounts 

TL reported that the bank balances at 30 November 2018 totalled £12,373.

TL had taken advice from Nicola Bateman, who signs off our accounts, and had prepared a trial balance for the year to 30 September 2018. It would show a small loss on the year attributable mainly to the financial support give to the sensory room.

6 – Secretary’s update, including membership retention and renewals; match day stall dates; FCA registration; Supporters Direct/FSF merger

TL reported that membership now stood at 1039, up from 1021 at the October 2018 meeting. Late renewals continued to be followed up.

The next match day stall would be on January 19th in the stadium bar.

The trust was fully registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and with the new supporters’ body formed by the merger of Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation.

7 – Safety group and police liaison

DT reported as follows. Thames Valley Police (TVP), OUFC and fans involved with the safety group and liaison felt that working relationships between all parties had improved in recent months. Both ourselves and TVP will look to continue building the relationship with fans. PC Simon Gray would like an opportunity to meet fans to answer questions about match day policing and OxVox will facilitate this. The Manchester City incident report had been through and well received and lessons learned had led to implementation of new procedures. For example, lighting around some areas of the ground had been improved and CCTV provision is being reviewed. The Bristol Rovers game had been managed well. The decision to move kick off to 1 pm had been made by OUFC. Locally, TVP were not using the concept of ‘risk’ and ‘non-risk’ supporters in College of Policing guidelines, and the contentious ‘OxTales’ profiling system had been dropped, in part due to pressure from OxVox.

8 – Projects update – including sensory room; blue plaque; East stand mural; OxRails

A number of practical match day organisational issues were emerging with the sensory room and it was agreed that we will write to Jem Faulkner, the Community Trust Chair, to ask him to investigate. AW will draft a letter. The room was being successfully used by young people and the Trust is determined to ensure that the benefits to the community are maximised and widely known.

DT reported that there was further progress on the Blue Plaque for the Britannia Arms commemorating the formation of the football club. It was not yet possible to give a date for its installation due to the many stages of administration involved. DT would be heavily involved on ‘unveiling day’ give his extensive work on this project.

There was no further news to report on the East Stand Mural project or OxRails.

9 – Questions from members

A number of questions asked by members were discussed and have been answered in these minutes. We have also been asked whether OUFC plans to hold a shareholders’ AGM: we will ask.

10 – AOB and Close

The next committee meeting was set for Wednesday 20 February.

The meeting closed at 10.00pm.