Member number 1,000

25th May 2018

Some weeks ago Tom Ware became member number 1,000 of OxVox.

We asked Tom for his comments about the trust and his reasons for joining.

Tom writes: 

“Having been supporting Oxford since the late 80’s, I have seen many highs, lows and changes. Promotions, relegations, a stadium move, different owners, several trips to Wembley, and sadly our spell in the Conference. However, the one constant throughout this whole period has been the unwavering support from our core fan base, who have backed the club through thick and thin. 

“I believe that the Oxford fans deserve to have a forum to air their concerns, thoughts, insights and experience into how the club should be run. This is something which OxVox has provided very successfully over the last few years and continue to do so via the open dialogue they have built up with the club’s leadership team and other supporters groups.

“This is now a critical and potentially very exciting time for the club, with a new manager being recruited, a new owner and the potential for the stadium situation to be finally resolved. It is therefore more important than ever that the club’s fans have visibility of the changes that are occurring. This was one of my main reasons to become a member of the trust. The more members OxVox have, the greater say the fans will have in the successful running of our club.”