HMRC petition – OxVox comment

15th Jan 2019

While OxVox have been in discussions with the club for the last week over cashflow and their plans to move the club forward we are shocked and disappointed to learn that the club have once again allowed us to fall behind with HMRC payments.

Assurances had been made and have just as quickly been broken and we can promise members and supporters that we will continue to challenge the club on this matter until we can confirm that these payments are made.

It is time for the club to be honest and open about the situation we find ourselves in. We need the owners to put supporters minds at ease by detailing how they plan to alleviate the current cashflow situation and give us their detailed plans and timeframe of how they intend to move the club forward.

We will be talking to the club again today and hope to have some firm news on payments by Wednesday afternoon. We hope from there to be able to get behind the club and support them on and off the field but trust needs to be rebuilt and questions need to be answered.

We will keep you informed when we learn anything new but ask you for your patience until then and thank you in advance for it.