Events since the Peterborough match

19th Feb 2019

Just a quick update on the winding up petition issued by Firoka and incidents connected to Saturday’s game.
OxVox have been aware that a payment was due to Firoka in respect of the arbitration settlement figure negotiated recently. We were, like most, shocked and disappointed that this payment was not met and have been in contact with the club from yesterday seeking answers. An email to the owner and directors was sent first thing this morning, and we as a committee are meeting on Wednesday evening and hope to have a statement out by the weekend, dependent on meetings and the responses we have by then. 
We have also been in regular contact with the Ultras and an offer of help was made for us to organise the putting up of flags at 12 o’clock for them, but perfectly understandably they have decided to enjoy their free pre-match time but remain as vocal supporters of the club. 
While tensions are understandably high and we are all looking to vent our frustrations, we would ask supporters to take a breath before acting (and posting) and consider the men and women who work hard for club and who are becoming caught in the crossfire of what is becoming a very toxic atmosphere. 
No matter what happens around us we, as supporters, are Oxford Utd. Now, more than ever, is the time to come together and show our unity.
Thank you for your time, safe travels for all heading north tonight and as always,