Email update – 27 August 2021

20th Sep 2021

he following email update was completed and sent to members on 27 August 2021. 

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Hello and what a welcome return it has been to football with crowds.

I hope this short update finds everyone well and enjoying a positive start to the season. We have received a lot of encouraging communications over the last few weeks but also many expressing concern over the state of cleaning at the Kassam. We have spoken to the club who have been working hard with the stadium company to rectify the issue and we have heard back from several areas of the ground telling us progress has been made. Being aware of the nature of the licence we know that the cleaning is paid for as part of this agreement and undertaken by the stadium company. It is our understanding that the club, outside of questioning the state of cleaning, which they did, are not in the position to take over that responsibility and any cleaning over and above what is done would be at the club’s expense. It does however appear that having raised the issue with the club, they have had some success and the stadium company are working hard to fulfil this responsibly. We will also be working with the fans council to see if they have any input into the problem. If you have any further comments on this issue then please contact us directly via email. We will keep chasing and hopefully ensure that this is not a perennial problem.

As mentioned in the last update we have been addressing issues with the club regarding the disappointment many feel over the season ticket prices after the incredible loyalty so many showed last year in purchasing season tickets, knowing the season would more than likely have little live football. We respect the open nature with which the club approached these discussions and we understand when they say the financial implications of offering widespread refunds would have damaged the club’s prospects going forward. We do however feel that the club have lost an opportunity to properly thank the supporters for that loyalty and we are pushing hard for them to look at ways to offer fans who stood by the club a little more, both this season and when pricing for next season. We have already put forward a couple of suggestions and will keep you updated on progress. The connection between the club and its supporters is a huge part of what makes this club special and that needs to be protected and grown.

We have also received emails regarding the loss of the 1893 club. The area that lounge members were using is now taken up with the vaccination cubicles and there would not be the time to take them all down and put them back up just for game days. While this is an issue that has been forced on the club we feel they have dealt with those members poorly. The lack of information or effort to accommodate the members in another area has been taken as a lack of respect by many members who have been life long supporters and lounge members for years. We have spoken to the club and have further conversations planned to not only try and secure a guarantee that the lounge will return as soon as possible, but to try and find an interim solution to the situation this season.

Supporter of the year nominations are now concluded and we have emailed all nominees to make sure they are happy to be put forward. As soon as we have confirmation we will set up an online and postal vote to find the inaugural OxVox Andy ‘Womble’ James supporter of the year. Thank you for the nominations and good luck in advance to all of them.

We have also been monitoring the takeover situation but we have no further progress to report. We will of course update you as soon as we can.

Finally and on a very positive note the club have announced they have secured the rights to catering in the concourses. In effect we understand that the club have now taken control of these revenues and pay a fixed rate to Firoka. This means that fans know that every penny spent in these areas helps the club. It also means we have more control over what is sold. It is a positive sign of increased co-operation between the club and Firoka and the hope is it will lead to further improvements in the terms of our licence. OxVox have been discussing this possibility with the club for some time and were happy to help support it then and continue to back it now.

Thank you for your time and we are busy planning our long awaited AGM and stadium tables where we look forward to meeting many of you soon.

As always…..COYY !