Email update – 16 July 2021

30th Jul 2021

The following email update was completed and sent to members on 16 July 2021. 

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I hope this update finds everyone well and in good spirits. Despite the disappointment of the Euro final there seems to be an air of optimism around those of us starved of live football for so long.

As the country edges out of lockdown we have been working hard to tie up the loose ends from last season and push on with many of the things that have been denied us during the pandemic.


We have been working hard over the last few weeks and months to organise a proper and long overdue AGM. The details are almost finalised but due to the need to have confirmation of Covid procedures for those dates, we are holding off on releasing a final date. Our aim however is to have the meeting pre-match at one of the early home games and to provide space for as many members as required. We will as usual run through some of the projects we have been working on and deal with some procedural matters then leave plenty of time for members to put questions to us.

We are looking forward to being able to meet again in person and will pass on details as soon as we have the date and regulations confirmed to us.


We have kept a constant dialogue with the club and with Tiger regarding the takeover and the position has remained the same throughout. Discussions are ongoing but with the interested parties already on the board, the commitment to the club remains and work on the new season continues. There have been many rumours on the Yellows Forum and social media and while it is not our place to counter these things individually it’s worth noting that the day the strongest rumour came out, we had already spoken to Tiger that morning and he had told us no further progress had been made.

I spoke again to Tiger on Monday and the negotiations are continuing. He and the club have promised to keep us updated and as soon as we have any information we will pass it on to members. The details of these discussions are of course private but if and when the deal is completed we have been assured access to the new owners to discuss their plans going forward for the club.

If forced to speculate I would say the deal is progressing and if it is to be finalised I would imagine they would want to have things wrapped up before the start of the season, but we continue to monitor the situation closely and report back.


We continue to work closely with the club regarding the stadium issue and while there is plenty of work being done, all those working on the project remain realistic as to the size of the task and open to all options available to resolving the problem. The club has reiterated its position that no option has been taken off the table and that they will continue working hard on all fronts. OxVox will continue to work with the club and will update members and supporters as soon as we are able to. This of course remains a frustrating situation for fans and club but we remain committed to pushing the discussion forward and helping bring about a more sustainable solution.

Season Tickets 

We have been in contact with the club regarding season tickets and we are also looking into the loss of the 1893 club. We will report back once these meetings are completed but we are speaking to a number of members who have contacted us.

Supporter of the Year 

Thank you all for the fabulous nominations you have sent so far for the inaugural Andy James Oxford United Supporter of the Year Award. You still have time to put forward your nominations but the deadline is rapidly approaching so please get them to us by Friday the 23rd of July. As before please provide a short note supporting their recommendation and we will compile a short list to go back to supporters for a final vote. The winner and all those nominated will be invited to the award event at the training ground where the trophy will be presented.

And finally…

Thank you as always for your continued support of OxVox and the work we do. We welcome all the messages we have received over the last few weeks and months and encourage anyone with an issue relating to the club to contact us directly. We look forward to hearing, and hopefully meeting, many of you in the exciting season that lies ahead.


Paul Peros