Updated arrangements – flag/banner drop-off on Saturday

2nd Jul 2020

PLEASE NOTE! – collection point will now be outside the club shop

If you are bringing a flag or banner on Saturday, for display next Monday, please bring it to us OUTSIDE THE CLUB SHOP and not outside the stadium reception as we said previously.

The time frame remains unchanged – bring your flag or banner between 10 am and 2 pm on Saturday for display at Monday’s second leg playoff match against Portsmouth.

Also please note that  volunteers will be at the stadium on Tuesday 7th July from 11 am – 2 pm to return flags to visitors. Any flags not collected at this time will be securely locked in the stadium until the next game we are able to attend.

A reminder of the rules regarding flags and banners:

Flags and banners must be delivered in sealable bags which also include your name and contact details to ensure flags can be identified when returned. Each flag owner will also receive a numbered ticket which will need to be presented back to volunteers to secure the return of your flag.

All flags must still meet the club’s ground regulations, this means that any flags/banners measuring more than 250 cm at their longest point should be made from fire-retardant material and a fire certificate must be produced. Proof of certification may be required.

Please note that flags must not contain any derogatory, defamatory or discriminatory wording or anything that we may feel is controversial or derogatory towards either our team or the opposition. Flags will be displayed at the club’s discretion.

Please also ensure that where possible, flags or banners are prepared with proper eyelets/strings, to allow them to be securely fastened in the stands.