Council Survey closes soon!

16th Feb 2022

With just a week to go before the County Council online survey closes it is now vital that members, supporters and their families and friends complete the survey online at this address:

We have written a guide to help you if you need it at this address:

This is NOT the petition. So many people we met outside the Bolton game said ‘but I’ve signed the petition?’. That’s great, and thank you for that. The petition will be very useful but the County Council will be guided by the response to their survey.

The people who oppose this move have every right to do so and are distributing leaflets and guiding locals to stand against Stratfield Brake. We must make sure the club are allowed to challenge the arguments against this site in planning. Planning is where the club can finalise detailed plans and engage with locals on the points being raised by opposition groups. To do so before would be prejudicial to the planning stage. It is up to US to make sure we give our views to the County Council and get this to planning. To do that we MUST engage with the County Council on the survey site.

If every member filled out the survey and got just four friends to do the same we would have 5,000 comments. This would be really impressive. If every home fan at any of the last three homes games filled out the survey we would have 10,000. These numbers would make us impossible to ignore.

The Council survey is at the very top of the list of priorities. It takes a few minutes to register and fill out but means everything to the club we love and support. Don’t leave this to others to do. Take ten minutes out of your day and fill this in and if you can, message family and friends to do the same. We have one week left before the survey finishes.

It’s now or never.

NB The club has published its first FAQ on the stadium proposals here:
which provides answers to some commonly asked questions.