New stadium – contact your councillor

13th Jan 2023

The Oxfordshire County Council cabinet will decide on January 24 if they will lease the Club the land at Stratfield Brake or the Triangle to build a new stadium. OxVox have written to the cabinet to push for a decision.

We have a few more days to add to the massive support this stadium project has and make sure the Council knows the strength of that feeling.

We urge all supporters to write to the County Council cabinet to ask for a positive decision on January 24 and to remind them that their indecision could threaten the future of our club. Your magnificent efforts with the petition and emails in the early stages of the process made a big impact and it is now time to push again. 

Letters to the County Council cabinet – points to note: 

  • Be polite. We need to show the Cabinet we are so much more than the opposition paints us to be. Be polite but firm. 
  • Be brief. The council receives a lot of emails and keeping yours short will make your point stronger. 
  • Use your own words. We hope to have thousands of emails flooding into the cabinet to show them the strength of our support, so make it personal. Tell them why the club is important to you. 

If you are stuck for something to mention then maybe consider these points:

  • The cabinet delay in making a decision puts the future of our club at risk.
  • We as constituents and voters have the right to know what our elected officials intend to do.
  • With all the information they requested from the Club previously now in their hands, any further
    consultation suggests that the cabinet is reluctant to make a firm decision.
  • Remind them of what the club means to you and the tens of thousands of people in the

Below are the email addresses of all cabinet members:

Liz Leffman (Cabinet Chair)
Liz Brighouse (Deputy Chair) 
Glynis Phillips
Pete Sudbury
Tim Bearder 
Duncan Enright 
Calum Miller
Jenny Hannaby
Mark Lygo
Andrew Gant

Liz Leffman is the cabinet chair and would be a good choice to send to, but all members can be contacted.

As well as contacting the cabinet, an email to your local County Councillor will reinforce this message. You can find out who your County Councillor is by entering your postcode at this website:

If you are a resident of Kidlington then your emails are vital.

If you could message both the cabinet , your County councillor AND your parish councillor then your words will hold even more sway.

Kidlington Parish Councillors can be found at their website, here:

Alternatively email the clerk of Kidlington Parish Council at