Change of Trust Chairman

7th Jan 2019

As of 26 December, Colin Barson has resigned from the Chairmanship and from the committee, citing differences between himself and some of the committee, regarding both the role of Chairman and the functionality of the committee.

We very much regret that Colin has felt unable to continue, and we would like to explain the circumstances to members.

Firstly, the decision to resign was entirely Colin’s, and he was under no pressure to do so from anyone on the committee.

Secondly, the disagreements which led to his decision were fundamentally around the role of Chairman as he saw it, and the degree to which consultation and agreement was necessary around the committee table before policy approaches were implemented.

It was emphatically not a case of Colin wishing to take a stronger approach with the football club on issues than the rest of the committee, nor was it vice versa, that Colin held a more conciliatory view than others. Everyone involved has understood the need to maintain good working relations with the football club, while maintaining a vital independent stance as a ‘critical friend’ of the club. That’s why we have been so active in pursuing questions about short term problems such as the HMRC winding up petition, as well as asking about the longer terms plans of the club owner and board. We’ll continue to do that.

We acknowledge that Colin felt that sometimes he was unable to work as a Chairman in the way that he wanted to, and was frustrated that the committee wanted to contribute to the statements that we released on behalf of OxVox. We feel that the range of views from within the committee reflect the views of the members of OxVox and the fan-base as a whole, and we will be working as a committee now and in the future to ensure that we reflect the balance of views held.

OxVox stall on 19 January

Before the Portsmouth match on 19 January we will be running a stall in the stadium bar.  We encourage anyone who wishes to discuss Colin’s departure further to take the opportunity to come and speak with us then.

Appointment of Interim Chair

Meanwhile, we are pleased to announce that Paul Peros, the current Vice Chairman, will be acting as Chairman during the period between now and the Trust AGM in March. At its first meeting following the AGM, as is usual, the committee will then appoint the Trust’s officials for the next year.