Free Associate membership signup

15th Jan 2023

We are offering supporters a free, three year Associate membership that will allow you to directly receive stadium updates, our digital newsletter ‘The Vox’ and most importantly, it will add to our collective voice when dealing with both the council and planners.

The process couldn’t be simpler. Just click on this link:

and you will be taken to the signup page where you just need to add your email.

That will register you as an associate member and we will then be able to email out our stadium related content. Your voice really matters and if we can show the council a flood of new members ready for the meeting on the 24th then our collective voice will be even louder. Click, email, done!

We ask all supporters who are not already members but care about this club and want to see us build a home that will grant us security for years to come, to click and join. Tell everyone you know who cares about this club to do the same. Numbers matter. We are working really hard to make sure we get the project to planning where it belongs. You can make a massive difference.

Of course we would love you to join as Full members and receive all our communications and all the benefits of membership, but in these difficult times we wanted to make sure that every Oxford fan was able to make their presence count.

If you do wish to become a Full member, please visit our joining page on this site at

On the back of our push at the Arsenal game to ensure we voiced our support for the community stadium near Kidlington, we are now preparing for the next big step at the County Council Cabinet meeting on the 24th. The banner we designed and produced for the game has generated some fabulous publicity both locally and nationally. Our next step in the process towards securing a home for the club we all love is to introduce this new, limited time membership to help supporters stay connected to all of the stadium news.

Thank you for your time and support and as always….COYY!