The Kassam Stadium – further statement

22nd Oct 2016

OxVox issued the following further statement on the stadium discussions yesterday, 21 October 2016

The purpose of this statement is to provide additional background information to OxVox members and to all United supporters about the continuing discussions regarding the future ownership of the Kassam Stadium.

Initially we had three aims: to establish if the stadium could be acquired; if so, to determine what kind of sale was possible; and finally to ask Firoz Kassam to make his views public for the first time. All three objectives were achieved in the joint press statements that were released on Saturday 8th October 2016.

Discussions between OxVox and Firoz Kassam had been going on for some considerable time and a strong collaborative relationship has been built. The timing seemed right for both parties to make a statement that clarified our joint thinking. We now intend to press on with plans to deliver a genuine community stadium for the benefit of OUFC, our amazing fans and of course the wider community.

To recap and confirm:  Firoz Kassam has agreed, in principle, to sell the stadium to a community based ‘Trust’ or similar. This does not necessarily mean to OxVox on its own, and it is more likely that we will see a combination of like-minded partners come together to acquire the stadium. Having driven this initiative, OxVox will remain in an influential, central and co-ordinating role as the process develops, as well as being a key partner to the eventual outcome.

It is difficult to put a time frame on how long this will take. If it were a person-to-person sale, then the transaction would be relatively straightforward. This is a more complex arrangement, with various parties involved. We will keep OxVox members and the wider fan base informed as key stages are reached and things become clearer, but it is important to note that this cannot be rushed.

‘Pricing’ and funding streams have been discussed at length, but there is still work to do and therefore, for now, this information needs to remain confidential. Please be assured that although not finalised, we believe we have workable and deliverable plans in place.

OxVox is also engaged with sports stadia specialists to look at funding streams, both pre and post a potential acquisition, as well as to get a full understanding of the future development potential for the stadium in terms of increasing  capacity  to a level that can  match the club’s ambitions.

OxVox membership has risen to over 770 in recent weeks. We encourage as many fans as possible to join the Trust at to maximise the collective influence of OxVox over the shape of the eventual deal.

Many thanks to fans for your continued support in what we trust will be an exciting period for OxVox, but much more importantly for OUFC and our community.